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Our Business Arms

  • Corn Club Corn Club

    (a complete taste of corn) is our specialty store division comprises of corn club.
  • 96 k 96k

    (select Maratha food with wine) is our initiative to market Indian wine with regional level food.
  • Cool Chain Cool Chain

    (e - logistic for frozen products) is our Reefer van transport initiative.

    " is an initiative of Monsoon Agro Bio Pvt. Ltd., which is a Pune based frozen food company engaged in processing Sweet Corn and Baby Corn since 1995.

    The cool chain industry comprises of cold storers and refrigerated reefer transporters who provide end to end logistics to food and pharma industry. The cool chain industry started taking shape when the restaurant sector was liberalized from the year 1995, as it was the necessity of the global food companies to transport their frozen food stuff from one location to another.

    We at MABL are service users of refrigerated trucks and use them to transport our frozen food to various locations throughout India. We experienced that to avail refrigerated transport, we needed to contact several reefer transporters since there wasn’t a One-Point contact or platform from where we could get offers to book such refrigerated trucks. We also observed that reefer trucks are standing idle or run empty on return trips many a times.

    Thus we felt the need of organizing the Reefer Trucks Logistics industry in India for better route efficiency and price standardization and thus evolved the CoolChain Mobile Apps. This is an E-logistics terminal of Reefer trucks which will be driven by Mobile Apps, which will be match-making platforms for Reefer Transporters (Reefer Truck Owners) & Reefer Bookers (Food & Pharma Industries)."

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News & Events
New expanded factory will be commissioned by mid August 2010