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Fast food franchise in Pune & India (Quick Service Restaurant)

CORN CLUB is specialty Quick service Restaurant (QSR) focused on Sweet corn and Baby corn recipes.

The concept was implemented by Rahul and Radha Mhaske in year 1999.

It was started as a small eatery in Model colony Pune which was eventually converted into a QSR and was shifted to F.C Rd in 2001.

CORN CLUB was a purposeful initiative of the couple as they wanted to showcase Sweet corn and Baby corn recipes to promote the new crops of Sweet corn and Baby corn, which was their farming innovation then.
It all began at their family farms from the year 1995.

Getting fresh crop throughout the year was a big challenge to run a QSR.

Rahul thus formed a company of farmers who could grow Sweet corn for them round the year. Thus CORN CLUB was merged in the company entitled MONSOON AGRO BIO

The contract farming initiative was experimented successfully by MABL in the Pune region.

Another big challenge to implement contract farming was the availability of Quality hybrid seeds.

Unfortunately the farmers had to rely on imported seeds, which were restricted to import. Thus the seeds were smuggled and were exorbitantly priced, between Rs 4000 to 5000 per kg.

Rahul Mhaske did the herculean task of convincing the Government of India to allow free imports of Sweet corn and Baby corn seeds as they were vegetables.
The pursuit was successful in year 2002 and today farmers are getting Quality seeds at Rs 1500 per kg.

The popularity of CORN CLUB was at its peak and the company wanted to make a chain of its outlet in Pune.

Today we can see Sweet corn and Baby corn on the shelves of almost all super markets, vegetable vendors of major Indian cities.

Also, the malls are super selling Steamed corn in Cup which is relished by consumers of all age groups.

However, the USP of CORN CLUB remains that it has various recipes blended with Modern times are made by using Sweet corn as a basic ingredient.

Thus items such as Authentic Corn soup, Grilled Corn Sandwich, Corn Coleslaw, Corn
patties, Corn Samosa, Corn Spring roll, Corn Biryanis, Corn Augratin, Pizza, Baby corn
fingers and many more are popular amongst the Puneites.

Along with this CORN CLUB also sells frozen ready to fry snacks at its outlets at a fair price. The consumers use them as per their convenience at home.

Since Pune has expanded horizontally at a rapid pace, now the time has come to expand the CORN CLUB QSR, as every suburb has become a town on its own.

This experiment can be expanded nationwide in phased manner.

The investment required for QSR is around 15 lacs, (other than real estate cost) which
make it economically viable.

The price tag of recipes is between Rs 15 to Rs 75 which also is attractive preposition.

Heath benefits of Sweet corn and Baby corn also adds to its USP.


Criteria for Franchisee:-

Area Pantry 100 to 120 sq.ft
  Serving Area 100 to 120 sq.feet
  Front desk 50 to 70 sf
Minimum   250 to 300 sq.feet


Investment Interior 250 sq feet X 1000 Approx Budget Rs.2.5 lac(A).

• Window • Tiling • Glass Work • False Ceiling • Electrical

• Painting • Furniture’s • Washing Area.


Sr.No Equipment Approx Budget Rs.
1 Juice machine and Coffee Machine  
2 Deep Fat Fryer  
3 Pizza Oven  
4 S/W Griller  
5 Gas Burner  
6 Barbeque Machine  
7 Service Table – 4’ x 2’ – 2 Nos  
8 Sink & Geyser  
9 Storage Rack  
10 Utensils / Serving Trays  
11 Refrigerator, Deep Freezer – 500 L Each  
12 Glass Cabinet (Hot & Cold)  
13 Electronic Display  
14 Main Board – Neon Board  
15 Chimney  
16 Brain Marie  
17 Steamer  

Franchise fee :Rs.2 Lac(C)
Deposits :Rs.2 Lac or first advance 5 Lacs.

Other Requirement-

  • 20KW Electric Load
  • Clean & Soft water Facility-5000 lit per day.
  • Good drainage Facility.


106/12, Ramtekadi industrial Area, Hadapsar,

Pune 411013.

Tel - (020)26818400.

Mobile - +91 9373 558393.

E-Mail -


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New expanded factory will be commissioned by mid August 2010






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